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Sun Apr 01, 2018 @ 03:11 PM
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  • Will You Fight Me?
  • Friends Theme Song Rap! (Dear Ryan)
  • How To Make Mumble Rap
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Ryan is just ' awesome. He's absolutely hilarious. Ryan doesn't just make you laugh; he makes you practically cry with mirth. Every time I watch his videos, I have to keep pressing on the pause button or I won't hear what he's saying because I'm laughing so hard. Ryan doesn't use the same material in any of his videos and he's original as well. This guy should be number one on YouTube again.M+73

Nigahihga is great! It's so funny I can't stop Laughing from their vids.M+48
Ryan is more imaginative and creative. He uses himself in most of his videos. All RWJ does is use other things to make his humour. Although Ryan makes much less videos. Ryan deserves the top subbed spot.
Creative. Innovative. Hardworking
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